Here's The Next Steps


Book a Free No Commitment Call With a Nutritionist.

Click the free call button, book a time/date on our calendar that works for you, fill in a short questionnaire. Once we have your information to review, you can talk to a trained nutritionist who will talk to you about your current situation, your goals and give you lots of detail about how the program works and how we achieve the results we do.


Decide If You Wish to Join Lean Body Coaching & Get Enrolled.

If you decide you want to come on board, great. You can make a first payment of 6 total payments and you’ll be assigned a coach based on your requirements within 48 hours. Note, unlike most programs we only charge for 6 months. Not forever. You will have access to all the teaching materials and private members group for life on your 6th payment. You can extend your coach only if needed or for an occasional period when you’re feeling you need to revive the support.


Newly Assigned Coach and Get Started On Your Journey

Connect with your coach on Zoom, Text or Phone whichever you prefer for your onboarding chat. This is when you’ll truly see the difference between the level of coaches in the Lean Body Coaching program and average level PT coaches.


Watch Your Day #1

Watch your Welcome video and First Weeks Educational content. Explore Your Custom Lean Body Coaching Video Recipes, & Get a Feel for the Success Tools In the Members Area.


Upload Your “Before Photos”

If you like Visuals To Help You Stay Accountable, Then Get Your Before Photos Uploaded and Measurements so Your Coach Can fully Analyze Your Starting Point. This is not compulsory but allows you and your coach to be motivated As You See All The Well-Earned Physical Changes You’ve Accomplished Throughout The Program.


Receive Your 100% Customized Diet

In a Few Days Your Coach Will Have Put Together Your Custom Diet and Recipe pack Based On your First Call & Your Questionnaire. It’s time to get Started & Get In Your Best Shape Ever.


Enjoy The Journey!

With Interaction From Your Coach and Fellow Lean Body Coaching On-Line Friends, You’ll Stay Motivated And On Target To Achieve Your Goals.