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My jeans have never fitted better. I'm starving my fat cells and feeding my muscle cells"


I lost almost 100 pounds while gaining my health back! Now my blood pressure, energy and health are all in super shape. And I’ve kept the weight off for over 6 years!


I suffered through every diet I came across, keto, low carb, high fat, fasting and nothing ever worked. I’ve lost over 25 pounds. Lean Body Coaching not only works, I’m really enjoying this process!


I’ve lost 105 pounds and have kept the weight off for over 5 years while raising
5 kids and going to school full time!


I went from obese to lean and athletic and have kept my weight off for over 3 years!


Once I became aware, it was impossible to go back there! I lost 28 pounds and have kept the weight off for over 2 years!


I found my deepest source of motivation and lost all my weight while keeping it off for years

Bill Mayfield

“I’ve lost 95 pounds and have kept it off for almost 10 years! I started at 315 pounds and now weight 220-225.”

Carol leigh

“I’ve lost 60 pounds and have kept it off for 1 year. I’ve tried all the other diets, low carb, keto..you name it, I’ve done it, but I was never able to keep the weight off. Lean Body Coaching has been the best program I’ve ever found, wish I had discovered this program 20 years ago!”


“I’ve lost over 30 pounds and have kept it off for 3 years now. I tried every diet known to man and never had as much success as I’ve had with Lean Body Coaching!”

Teresa Solis

“I was never really super overweight, but then again I’m just over 4′ tall. I started at a size 4 and now wear a double zero! My body fat went from 35% body fat to where I stay now which is between 16-17% bodyfat.”

Chuck Sclafani

“Lost 7inches around his waist Total of 26″ lost – Lost 28lbs.I can truly say that this process has been all I had hoped it would be, and more. My habits have changed for the better and I expect continued success. It doesn’t feel so difficult or like deprivation. Death to the Dad bod! (My 20 year old son was shocked when he saw me recently. He said “you have abs?” lol)”

Hollye Cottle

“Total of 14.6″ lost all over the body. – Lost 20lbs I have lost TWENTY FIVE pounds since March, with the bulk of that weight loss on your program. I want to thank you for the classes, support, and encouragement!! I haven’t been able to have this sort of success on my own, and this new way of looking at food has been just what I needed!”

Len & Adrienne DeWitt

Leonard DeWitt Total of 12.6″ lost all over body – Lost 15 lbs.
Adrienne DeWitt Total of 19.8″ lose all over body — Lost 20lbs. This program has not been about weight loss for me, it’s been about self-worth. All of the choices I’m making now are because I WANT to make them for me.


I lost 75 pounds but gained more self confidence, became more social and even ended up modeling fashion, and have kept the weight off for over 5 years.


Lean body Coaching never changed my weight, they changed my habits! In fact, I learned how to eat to gain 20 pounds of muscle while I dropped 20 pounds of fat!


I was a thin fat person and my weight went up and I’m loving it! Why? Because while I’m 50 years old I lost 20 pounds of fat I also gained 25 pounds of muscle! I may weigh more, but I look way better!


I wasn’t really overweight, but I was accepting mediocrity as far as my physically goes”. Then I dropped 15 pounds of fat while gaining 23 pounds of muscle and have kept it off for over 2 years now.


I really never changed my weight, instead I altered my body composition by dropping 17 pounds of fat while gaining 13 pounds of muscle.

Coaches are not clinical nutritionists and as such, cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe. Any hormonal advice is strictly advisory and is not to be taken as a substitute for a doctor’s medical advice.


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