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Keith Klein
Keith Klein, Clinical Nutritionist, Author, Public Speaker.

What Makes Lean Body Coaching Different?

Using the science of nutrition and behavioural psychology optimized over 40 years of clinical work in his practice in Houston Texas, Keith Klein, CN, CCN , a nationally renowned clinical nutritionist, author, television and radio host created the Lean Body Coaching program. Our coaches are not just coaches but friends who truly get to know you and your unique set of circumtances.

We get people lean and healthy and they STAY that way. Our photos are not before and afters. Our photos are AFTER-AFTERS.Check out just some of our hundreds of LONG term satisifed clients on the Results & Feedback page from the menu.

 We don’t focus on an arbitrary 8, 10 or 12 week program. We teach you how to stay in shape forever using proprietary relapse prevention strategies. Our clients don’t go backwards, they get leaner, healthier, fitter and stronger as time goes on and as a side effect feel great about themselves which translates to a brighter future in all areas of their lives.

1 on 1 Coaching & Mentoring

Custom Diet & Recipe

Educational Nutrition & Mindset Daily Content

Friendly, Supportive Community

What You Get,The on-line Lean Body Coaching platform delivers results driven content paired with your very own highly experienced weight loss 1 to 1 coach and mentor.

Your mentor coach will teach you the mental mindset needed to create healthy habits for the rest of your life and will form the cornerstore of your success with weekly calls, zoom or text chats, whatever you prefer. That will be combined with a customized nutrition program and recipes to suit your needs and access to our private members community where you can chat with other like minded clients following the same program you are.

You'll also have access to educational videos and articles each week which will teach you about every aspect of nutrition and the psychology behind weight loss, ensuring you become not just lean but become an expert in all things nutrition and lifestyle. You'll get acccess to the same closedly guarded strategies Keith Klein, CN, CCN, used to get actors, models and rock stars into shape with.

Check Out Some of Our Success Stories Below.
Real People Achieving Long Term Results

Your very own Motivational and Accountability Nutrition Coach Is The Crucial Component That Get's You Lean & Keeps You Lean.

We’re all hard wired to perform at our best and stick to our goals when we’re supported and accountable to others.

We provide a One-on-One coached weekly call plus limitless text support to guarantee real results for those looking to lose fat, get lean or gain lean muscle. Combined with a tailor-made nutrition program, custom recipes, daily video based educational and motivational content along with our online group chat community we get people LEAN and HEALTHY and they STAY that way.

Your Lean Body coach will then hold you accountable and do the important work of tracking and reviewing your progress, results and feedback, all logged in our members area.

Your weekly call becomes a positive habit, keeping you on track and shortening the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

You finally start doing the things you always knew you should be doing to help you get lean and stay lean. With this newfound structure and clarity, you’ll accomplish more goals in less time and consistently stack wins by focusing on your highest-impact activities.

Don’t go at it alone anymore. Get fat loss accountability and consistently turn your physique goals into reality.

Why Do You Need A Lean Body Coach?

To quote a few reasonably successful people, such as Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, Oprah Winfrey and thousands of others at the peak of their game.

If high performers can benefit from a coach to hold us accountable and keep us motivated then we all can. Hiring a knowledgeable, experienced coach maximises our results and helps us perform optimally in our chosen endeavour. Our coaches thrive on getting our clients into shape. It is their passion to make you fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier and importantly, to help you stay that way

Whatever obstacles confront you

  • Your coach will ask you the right questions
  • Help you overcome those obstacles
  • Check your result
  • Hold you accountable
  • Keep you focussed on those days when life is playing hard ball
Your coach will keep you strong and act as your coach, your nutritionist and your friend. Your coach has thousands upon thousands of hours experience in squeezing the best results out of people. Your coach will regularly review your current progress with you, be available when you need to chat and provide all their shared knowledge and experience in the program and your health in general. Our coaches know their stuff!!
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What Do You Get With The Lean Body Coaching Program?

Your Own Private Coach & Mentor
You’ll have 1-on-1 personal access to your own Coach guiding you every step of the way. You can reach out to your coach at any time, via our built in chat system or request a phone, zoom or SKYPE call if you prefer. We blend mindset training, nutrition, and exercise to help train your mind as well as your body.
Total Accountability
You will have personal monthly accountability reviews with your coach where they will review your progress, listen to your current situation and alter your diet and other elements to match. We encourage you to use the photo progress upload tool so your coach can really assist in manipulating your diet correctly and he or she will run through this with you on your accountability call.
Relapse Prevention Strategies
You’ll have access to advanced strategies, such as our Relapse Prevention module. Here you’ll build the coping skills that empower you to reach long-term success.
Community Based Small Private Discussion Groups
You will have full access to our private members only online community where you can follow recipes, post your progress, cheer on other clients and generally be a part of a wider family of Lean Body Coaching clients all following the same program as yourself.
24 Weeks of Day by Day Content
You’ll have 24 weeks of day-by-day content that include educational videos, written motivational content, weekly quizzes, fun cooking challenges, and milestones to help keep you focused, along with weekly summaries to highlight life-long healthy habits. You can engage with the content at your own pace.
Customized Meal and Recipe Programs
*You’ll receive a completely customized daily meal plan and personalized recipe book based on the detailed answers you provide on your Lean Body Coaching questionnaire. We’ll show you how eating whole foods in the right amounts at the right times fuels muscle while starving the fat cells, yet still keeps you feeling full and satisfied all day!
The Video Recipe Database- It’s Like Having Your Own Chef
You’ll have access to our video recipe database, showing you step-by-step how to make every single recipe for your personal goal with easy to follow videos.. It’s like having your very own chef at home teaching you how easy and fun cooking and meal prep can be.
And so much more…
For example, we have a power-cooking video that will show you how to make 7 great tasting recipes in under an hour! It’s enough food to feed 5 people for several days. This, along with all the lessons provided in the program, is information you simply can’t find elsewhere!

Membership To Our Private, Supportive
And Friendly Facebook Community

You will find hundreds of like-minded people, all working toward the same goals of health, longevity and weight loss.

This is where our clients share their thoughts, struggles, success’s, recipes and questions within our group. It’s also here where the coach’s and Keith Klein add new materials, videos, articles, and inspiration that you just can’t find anywhere else.

You will discover one of the best relapse prevention tools and accountability that will last for years and years….all at no charge.

Even if you graduated from our program 5 years ago, you’re still a Lean Body family member for life! Our private health community is a safe place for all of our members, past and present, who’d like to ask questions, support each other, and have a place of accountability. Better yet, a community of like minded people to help remind us that our health is a life long adventure.”

Video Cooking Guides & Recipes

Lean Body Coaching Shows You How To Eat Correctly For Your Personal Goals with Over 50 Lean Body Coaching Approved Recipes, All Complete with Full Video Cooking Guides and Downloadable Books to Use in the Kitchen. Using our delicious Lean Body Coaching approved recipes, you’ll learn how to reduce hunger cravings, how to replace empty calories with amazing tasting healthy options, and how to fire up your metabolism by eating more food than you ever thought possible! All this while still losing fat and toning lean muscle.
Your personalized recipe booklet will specify the exact amount of each ingredient needed to reach your personal goals based on body type, weight, and other factors you told us about in your questionnaire. It’s our precise calculations that provide the exact ratio of nutrients you’ll need to achieve success.
Hundreds Of Real World Clients LOVE Lean Body Coaching.
Our client’s aren’t just satisfied, their lives have truly changed for the better forever. There’s no fad diets with Lean Body Coaching and every one of the thousands of positive reviews on our private Facebook group and the videos and before after photos show just a glimpse of what is possible when science meets motivation and accountability.
Keith Klein CN, CNN and Kim Portfield CN, BA. Keiths partner and co-contributor To The Lean Body Coaching Program - They both know a thing or two about getting people in shape

We Aim To Succeed Where Other Programs Fail but If You're Not Happy We have A Satisfaction Guarantee with An Instant Cancellation Policy & Refund If You Wish To Leave.

If you find Lean Body Coaching is not for you we have a money back guarantee, so you can essentially try risk free. If you don't think it's for you, then we'll cancel any future monthly fees and we simply part ways.

We don't hide, our contact form, full address and phone number can be found on the site or you can simply reach out to your coach to cancel at any time.

Please note we do NOT refund your first month payment. This is because there is around 8 hours of work for coaches to get you onboard. They spend significant time analysing your data and questionnaire, they create a custom diet program for you and spend at least an hour on your first call of the month ensuring we have the program setup perfectly for you. However if you are unhappy we will instantly cancel any further payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exact costs slightly differ person to person based on the demands you would need from your coach however the absolute most Lean Body Coaching ever costs is less than a flashy cup of coffee per day.

You can hop on a call with one of our senior nutrtiion consultants for free, zero charge, zero commitment and find out what the program is all about.
Regards Keith Klein, CN, CCN.

We are really good at what we do, REALLY good. We know what it takes. We've transformed thousands of bodies and minds at this point. However making specific weight loss or muscle gain guarantees is pointless as we can't control elements that are external to our process .

That said, you can see from this website the levels of success people can achieve. From all ages, all backgrounds, famous model or housewife, the results are the same. As long as you use your coach, follow what they advise you to do, and follow the program , you WILL achieve what you want to see in the mirror.

But ultimately if it's not for you and you want to leave, we also have a money back guarantee, so you can essentially try risk free. If you don't think it's for you, then we'll cancel any future monthly fees and we simply part ways. That simple. We don't hide, our email, full address and phone number can be found on the site. Please note we do NOT refund your first month payment. This is because there is around 8 hours of work for coaches to get you onboard. They spend significant time analysing your data , they create a custom diet program for you and spend at least an hour on your first call of the month ensuring we have the program setup perfectly for you. However if you are unhappy we will instantly cancel any further payments.

In terms of results, ultimately that's down to you in terms of compliancy but you can see the kind of results that are possible on the website. Basically the changes can be nothing short of a miracle IF the program is followed correctly and you allow your coach to assist you consistently.

However, we do NOT preach super fast weight loss. That's exactly what causes Yo-Yo dieting, the worst possible outcome, losing weight then gaining even more back.

Your body is smarter than you think, you can trick it to a degree and lose weight but push the envelope too far and you will pay the price in the long term. Your bodies primary focus is keeping you healthy, it doesn't care how sexy you look in the mirror.

Ultra low calories, ultra low carbs, ultra low fats, don't eat this, don't ever eat that. All these concepts are designed by diet companies to keep you from ever reaching your goal. The ONLY concept that truly works in a long term lifestyle model is moderation and sanity. There are very few foods you can not eat. You should NOT be cutting out vegetables or rice etc to be ultra low carb, there is no need to cut all fat from your diet, you don't need hundreds of grams of protein a day or your muscle will evaporate etc. All these things are parts of diets that come and go and wreak havoc on people's metabolisms.

Take notice, the more extreme a diet is, the less likely it is to achieve the goals you have set over a longer period of time. In the short term might lose 40lbs but that weight IS coming back if you didn't do it the right way. There is ALWAYS a price to pay going down that route and we have had to help hundreds of customers who have come from other programs with destroyed metabolisms get back on track.

Yes, you will drop a lot of fat and gain lean muscle, and be fitter mentally and physically but we don't play the "lose 20lbs in 5 days" game. We could easily show you have to lose 20lbs in 20 days, it wouldn't be responsible and it wouldn't last. We'll let the the more unscrupulous element of the weight loss market make unhealthy and unsustainable promises that wreck people's bodies.

Take a look at our coaches, speak to one of our coaches on a free call and you'll answer that question for yourself, fast. Most of these online programs employ "coaches" who would shock you if you could see them. Our coaches have earnt their stripes, have at LEAST 15 years experience, are in incredible shape themselves and have usefully helped hundreds of real world clients. THey are also qualified up to their eyeballs and most also have significant educational orientated qualifications at a very high level.

We are NOT like the others. This is different.

Interestingly, you are our main demographic, 30-60+ , married, kids, work , life all getting on top. It's where we do our best work.

Trust us, we're all busy too. We get it. Our coaches specialize in putting time back on your plate, pun intended. Time is the most precious asset we all have and once you learn how to look after yourself physically and mentally you'll free up time you never knew you had.

Our team are parents, business owners , coaches and much more besides. We understand how a program like this has to function within a normal family or busy work environment. If you're always too busy to eat properly, that's the number one issue they resolve with various hard learned strategies.

Our daily lessons are no longer than 7 minutes each, so as long as you can commit 7 minutes a day to ensuring your life, health, fitness and body is in a radically better position 6 months from now, then you have time. It's that simple. If you want to be happier, healthier, leaner, more muscular, fitter and generally feel better about yourself, you are going to have to put in some time. You have to make that choice. We will show you the path, help you at every step, but you have to play your part.

Yes, it's scary but how is not having a coach working out for you? Is looking in the mirror and seeing something you dislike another 6 months from now any less scary ?

The truth is the most successful individuals in all walks of life have coaches. Sometimes, it's just too hard to get the information, the motivation, the accountability and the friendships needed to achieve your physique goals all on your own. Our coaches provide all that and more.

NOPE, nada, zero , nothing. Everything is included. You don't need any special supplements or gadgets. If you want to buy a basic healthy fats supplement etc, it's up to you but we encourage a whole food diet, not supplements

You’ve likely tried multiple diets before, you’ve tried losing fat and building some muscle, it hasn’t worked or if it has – it didn’t last long. That’s why we Trademarked......

“The After-After Photo”, our before and afters Photos Are Years Apart and in many cases DECADES.

We seriously doubt any other system can claim that. Keep on Doing What You’ve Done, You Get The Same Results. Perhaps , It’s Time For a New Strategy. You can Book A Call Now. It’s 100% Free, See What YOU Think. If You Like What You Hear, Come & Join Us.

Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content is a promise or guarantee of results. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life. We will do everything in our power to ensure your success and we’re darned good at it but in any communications or registration with us, you agree not to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

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Coaches are not clinical nutritionists and as such, cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe. Any hormonal advice is strictly advisory and is not to be taken as a substitute for a doctor’s medical advice.


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