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The Science of Weight Loss Podcast with Lee Labrada

Posted by Lean Body Coaching


In todays episode we will be covering the science of weight loss. Not just how to lose weight but importantly how to keep the fat off forever. My guest today is one of the country’s most successful nutritionists and has worked one on one with a who’s who of bodybuilders, athletes, celebrities, and everyday people.

He’s not only a pioneer in eating for athletic performance; he is also an expert in nutrition for eating disorders and obesity.

He is the founder of the institute of eating management and has served as a consumer advocate for over 30 years, exposing food industry scams.

He’s developed a system of eating to stay lean that focuses on relapse prevention at LeanBodyCoaching.com. He does that by getting into the head of his clients and reprogramming their habits.

I’m privileged to count him as one of my closest friends, and I admire his unique positive outlook and energy.

Keith Klein is the creator of the Lean Body Coaching Program. Helping people lose weight.
You can find him here: www.leanbodycoaching.com

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