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The importance of being authentic when it comes to sticking to a diet.

Posted by Lean Body Coaching

Authenticity, Integrity, and Making the Right Choices; our key takeaways from an extraordinary school of thought presented by our life coach and nutritionist, Keith Klein. Learn how to efficiently deal with situations that seem extremely difficult but can be handled by taking simple measures.

One of our top nutritionists, Keith Klein, talks about sustaining your mental health along with physical. Lean Body Coachingis aimed towards ensuring you’re a better human being who thinks positive, stays energetic, and looks his best physical self.

One of the most important things to consider in life is our aim at being authentic. Authenticity refers to being real and sincere towards your lifestyle choices and relationships. Once we’re mastered the art of being authentic, having a healthier lifestyle with improved reactiveness towards situations in life becomes easier.

Authenticity goes a long way as opposed to having the urge to constantly please those around you.It’s quite common for people to have this naturally existing urge in them. It’s not an effective way of living as we end up routing our lives as per the wishes of other people, and that exhausts us as we go on. We end up feeling an existential crisis because we haven’t really done anything for ourselves. We are never able to take out the time and effort we need to invest in ourselves.

It is important to understand how to cater these issues as opposed to indulging in activities that can worsen our lifestyles, such as overeating, drinking or resorting to drugs. There are better ways of dealing with such issues we experience in our lives.

One of the examples Keith Klein shares is about his female client, who used to have a hard time communicating her issues to him. Our nutritionist shares how the client used to be extremely rude and overtly introverted about her discussions with him. Keith was having a hard time communicating with her; whether he wanted to talk about her food choices or her exercise routine, she never let him in.

Finally, Keith ended up deciding that he wanted to let go of her. However, being the coach and educationist, he thought over the scenario and decided he would not give up on someone only because of a lag in communication. So, in their next session together, the client told Keith about her chocolate binge for three days while Keith allowed her to understand the communication gap between them. While the client was experiencing great weight loss, her mental state was not up to our mark.

As a lifestyle coach, Keith communicated to her about his concerns regarding her long-term health. They discussed how she shuts him down and her actions being involuntary while Keith’s enraging concern about her mental state of being.

This example of Keith and his client lead to two major learnings: being authentic goes a long way. Instead of suppressing his true concerns, Keith had the ability to communicate with his client and do not let any resentment or guilt develop in himself. Alongside that, he was able to make his client realize her unintentional yet offensive behavior towards people involved in her life.

We truly give significance to being authentic and sincere with all our clients who come to us for life coaching and weight loss journeys. We believe in authentic relationship building that impacts them in the long-term.

The takeaway from this discussion would be to evaluate yourself and recognize if you’re being authentic to everyone around you or not. It is always easier for your mental wellbeing to be authentic to everyone as opposed to suppressing your feelings and resenting those around you.

So, every day, it is important to question yourself about your authenticity and integrity towards everything you do daily. Self-change is a process that takes its time, and being authentic to everyone, and everything you do is a step towards it.

Leading a harmonious and peaceful life is only possible once you’ve developed the nature of expressing yourself truly and never acting opposite to how you feel inside. Not only will hiding your feelings be disturbing but also make you disgruntled towards people and situations in life.

Our life coaches, Keith, Elizabeth and Chuck are thinking of doing such sessions on the little, yet important, changes you can bring about in your lifestyles to make them healthier and better. Stay tuned for more of such discussions and thoughts that will really help you change your perspective in life.

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