Chicken Marsala


  • Thinly Sliced Chicken Breast
  • Fat Free Brown Gravy Mix
  • Marsala Wine (Replaces 1/2 Water In The Gravy Mix)
  • Fat Free Chicken Broth (Replaces 1/2 Water In The Gravy Mix)
  • Sliced White Mushrooms
  • Minced Garlic
  • Dash Salt
  • Dash Pepper


  1. Sprinkle chicken breast with salt and pepper…grill.
  2. Set aside.
  3. On the fat free gravy mix, locate the amount of water recommended to make the gravy and replace the water amount with 1⁄2 marsala wine and 1⁄2 reduced fat chicken broth.
  4. Pour into saucepan and add fat free gravy mix.
  5. Bring mixture to a boil, add in white mushrooms and minced garlic.
  6. Reduce heat.
  7. Let simmer for 5-10 minutes.
  8. Lay chicken breast on plate and top with gravy.