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The Life-Changing Impact of Bodybuilding and Exercise

Posted by Lean Body Coaching

By: Nutritionist S. Keith Klein IV CN CCN
Personal Reflection

In the first picture I’m 17. In the second one I’m 27 years old. In the third picture I’m 35. In the last one I’m 62 years old. I’m currently 65 years old and will post my next shirt off picture when I am 70.

When a close friend recently asked me what one thing has had the most significant effect on my life up until today, it was a question that made me pause and reflect. One answer stood out to me as I sifted through the many experiences and people that have influenced my life: bodybuilding and exercise. For almost five decades, this passion has been integral to my life, teaching me discipline, goal setting, and the power of dedication over the long-term.

Discipline, in particular, is a critical component of bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle. Through proper nutrition and consistent adherence to a workout routine, I have learned that progress is only possible through discipline. This principle has been a guiding force in all aspects of my life, as, without discipline, success in any endeavor is impossible.

Furthermore, exercise and bodybuilding have kept me on a positive path throughout my life, saving me from the dangerous influences of the streets and negative peer groups. In the wake of my father’s untimely death when I was 13 years old, my life could have quickly spiraled out of control. However, by focusing on the positive, I was able to find a healthy path and develop the discipline necessary to stay on that path.

Goal setting has also been a crucial lesson learned through bodybuilding. I have learned the value of focus, determination, and consistent effort by setting long-term goals. These skills have enabled me to succeed in my career, from hosting radio shows to writing for multiple magazines and even lecturing to large groups across the globe. With the foundation of goal setting laid down by my passion for fitness, these achievements were far easier to attain.

Bodybuilding has taught me a host of other essential skills as well, from food preparation and consistent gym routines to dedication to something larger than myself and the importance of motivating others. These skills have made me more organized, efficient, and effective in all aspects of my life. Moreover, the experience of helping others to improve their own lives has been truly rewarding.

Perhaps most importantly, exercise has taught me patience. Progress towards any goal can be slow and frustrating at times, but the results can be life-changing through consistent effort and dedication. Through my passion for fitness, I have formed lifelong friendships with others who share this passion, and these relationships have been invaluable in supporting and encouraging me throughout my life.

As I reflect on the profound impact that bodybuilding and exercise have had on my life, I am grateful for the many blessings from this passion. The simplicity and accessibility of this practice make it available to everyone, and I encourage anyone looking to make a positive change in their life to consider this option with one simple twist. Find a discipline that excites you. What has had the most significant impact on your life that you are most grateful for discovering?

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