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The importance of being authentic when it comes to sticking to a diet.

Authenticity, Integrity, and Making the Right Choices; our key takeaways from an extraordinary school of thought presented by our life coach and nutritionist, Keith Klein. Learn how to efficiently deal with situations that seem extremely difficult but can be handled by taking simple measures.

Preventative Medicine Is Better than the cure

Preventable diseases can only be discovered by doing the right tests before any disease has set in. Common test, if done on a regular basis, can greatly enhance your longevity factors and prevent disease states from becoming uncontrollable and causing an early demise. We only have one life, and if you want to keep it for as long as possible, these simple tests can do that for you, but only if you use them.

How Small Decisions Can Create Maximum Outcomes

We often don’t realize the connection we create when we make mini-decisions that create maxi-outcomes and the effect they have on our stress level. For example; when we tell ourselves that we will start our diet on Monday, it sounds like a great decision. However, that very statement alone will cause a maxi-outcome you don’t want and lead to failure. Find out how our mini-decisions can affect our ability to move forward.

How Much Sodium Do We Need & What Is It?

Understanding our sodium intake, and how to reduce it, can help reduce your blood pressure and arterial health. This video looks at how much sodium we need on a day to day basis, and offers new options to replace excess sodium without giving up any flavor. While Himalayan salt is touted as a great alternative to normal table salt and is a better bad choice, there are better alternatives that boost the taste of sodium in your recipes and meals that have 66% less sodium.

The Growth and Limited Mindsets – What Are They?

There are two different mindsets, the growth mindset and the limited mindset. This video explores the difference between the two and why one will hold you back while the other will move you forward. We all want to make progress, but if you are holding onto the wrong mindset, you will be held back from moving in the direction you want.

Fast & Easy Ways to Meal Prep For Weight Loss & Muscle Gain

What if you’re out of time, no time to cook but need a meal quick and easy? This video looks at several things you can keep in your freezer to allow you to throw together a great tasting meal in less than 3 minutes. The great thing here, is if you have all these things in your freezer, you just combine them in a Tupperware, no cooking required, and off you go.