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  • "I've lost 105 pounds and have kept the weight off for over 5 years while raising 5 kids and going to school full time!" - Chris Wolfe
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  • "I found my deepest source of motivation and lost all my weight while keeping it off for over 2 years" - Kari
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  • "nce I became aware, it was impossible to go back there! I lost 28 pounds and have kept the weight off for over 2 years!" - Angel’A Jones
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  • "I was a thin fat person and my weight went up and I'm loving it! Why? Because while I'm 50 years old I lost 20 pounds of fat I also gained 25 pounds of muscle! I may weigh more, but I look way better!" - Zaira Reichenbach
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  • "I really never changed my weight, instead I altered my body composition by dropping 17 pounds of fat while gaining 13 pounds of muscle." - Ileana Cimino
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  • "I lost almost 100 pounds while gaining my health back! Now my blood pressure, energy and health are all in super shape. And I've kept the weight off for over 6 years!" - Rick Ray
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  • "I went from obese to lean and athletic and have kept my weight off for over 3 years!" - Chris Funk
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  • "I lost 75 pounds but gained more self confidence, became more social and even ended up modeling fashion, and have kept the weight off for over 5 years." - Clay Laird
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  • "Lean body Coaching never changed my weight, they changed my habits! In fact, I learned how to eat to gain 20 pounds of muscle while I dropped 20 pounds of fat!" - Donnie Ozenne
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  • "I wasn't really overweight, but I was accepting mediocrity as far as my physically goes". Then I dropped 15 pounds of fat while gaining 23 pounds of muscle and have kept it off for over 2 years now." - Jon Dahl
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  • "I was way too thin, I was sick and unable to eat more than a meal or so a day without throwing up. Lean Body Coaching showed me exactly what to to do in order to overcome a serious medical condition so I could drop 20 pounds of fat and gain 13 pounds of muscle.” - Ricky McConathy
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  • "I've lost 100 pounds and kept the weight off for over 7 years and am no longer pre-diabetic or high blood pressure!" - Billy Mayfield
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What Do You Get With The
Lean Body Coaching Program?


24 Weeks Of Day-by-Day content including instructional videos,, written lessons, weekly quizzes, fun cooking challenges and milestones to keep you focussed along with weekly summaries to highlight life-long healthy habits


1-on-1 private and personal access to your own Coach to guide you every step of the way. Our coaches are more than just qualified nutritionists. With our program we blend human psychology and nutrition to train our mindset as well as our bodies.

Total Accountability

Personal monthly accountability reviews, with live chat and video conferences by request from your coach based on your uploaded monthly progress photos and measurements.

Customized Meal and Recipe Programs

A completely customized daily meal plan and personalized recipe book calculated right down to the gram based on interaction with your coach and your detailed answers to our questionnaire form. You’ll never be hungry as we’ll show you how eating whole foods in the right amounts at the right times fuels your muscle while starving the fat cells.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Access to advanced strategies such as our relapse prevention module , teaching you how to learn coping skills that will allow you to reach long term success – keeping the weight off for years after you finish the program.

Community Based Small Private Discussion Groups

Access to an encouraging, friendly online community with small personal groups ranging from 40 to 50 people sharing similar health and fitness goals as you. So you’ll have accountability every day of every week and be part of a community that is working on the same goals as you are.

The Video Recipe Database – it’s Like Having Your own chef

Access to our video recipe database which will show you how to make every single recipe in the program and design it for your personal goals.It’s like having your very own chef showing you how easy this can be.

And so much more..

Plus so much more we can’t list here like but for example our powercooking video that will show you how to make 7great tasting recipes in under an hour! Enough food to feed 5 people for several days. Stuff you simply cant’ find elsewhere that’s been tested with thousands of clients by Keith Klein’s team personally.


Lean Body Coaching Shows You How To Eat Correctly For your goal with Over 50 Approved Recipes All Complete with Full Video Cooking Guides and Downloadable Books to Use in the Kitchen.

Using our approved recipes, you’ll find out how to reduce hunger cravings, how to replace empty calories with amazing tasting health options. How to Fire up your metabolism and eat more food than you ever believed possible while still losing fat and gaining lean muscle tissue. All while eatring from our perfectly calculated for you Delicious Meals & Recipes

Your personalised recipe booklet will show you the exact amount of each food in the recipe to use based on your bodytype, weight and other factors you told us about in your questionaire.


Register and Complete Your Detailed Medical, Nutrition and Health Questionaire.
Meet Your Coach, specially chosen for your specific requirements
Watch Your Day #1 Content And Peruse The Lean Body Coaching Approved Video Recipes.
Upload your “Before Photos” So you can see your progress every 30 days.
Recieve Your 100% Customised Diet And Recipe Books based on your answers to the Medical, Health and Nutrition Questionaire.
Enjoy your Daily Interaction with Your Coach and Get Motivated.

Once you register, you’ll complete a detailed questionaire about yourself detailing your dietary habits and requirements along with your goals. From there you’ll be assigned either a male or female coach (you can choose) who will analyse your details and prepare a fully customised diet and nutrition plan for you to follow.


If after 30 Days of Using All the Lean Body Coaching resources, along with access to your personal coach you’re not entirely blown away with what we offer , the knowledge you’ve gained and the results you’ve experienced, we will refund you 100% of your first months cost to the program.

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